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Welcome to the website of Lucky Seventh. This page is the English language introduction page. All other pages of the site are in Dutch, but we are working on translations.

Lucky Seventh is a group of people who collect and preserve US army vehicles from the second world war, with a focus on the vehicles used by the US 7th armored division. We also want to keep alive the memory of the second world war. Often we visit memorial events, or organise them ourselves.

On our website you’ll find the latest news about us. We also show interesting articles and many photos of our events.

The name Lucky Seventh is a tribute to the US 7th Armored Division, which played a crucial part in the liberation of the south-eastern part of The Netherlands in october 1944. Their nickname was The Lucky 7th.

The main event done by Lucky Seventh is Lest We Forget, which is held in Venray about every two years. We just finished the 6th (2016)  edition. Lest We Forget is a living history camp, which shows how the liberators of The Netherlands had to live and work in 1944. You can visit the Lest We Forget website for more information and lots of pictures of the event.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. If you have any questions, you can email us via our contact page.

    Volgende evenement

    Hell on Wheels
    Datum: 23-25 juni 2017
    Locatie: Zutendaal (B)
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